Before you let me tell your story, you might want to hear mine.

I am a freelance copywriter, specialising in writing for the web. My skill with words was born of a passion for writing, reading and a deep interest in the world in all its diverse glory. I have keyword and SEO experience and I write blogs, newsletters and website copy across all sectors. I specialise in adapting my style to suit different business aims and values. I tell stories through targeted, relevant and consistent copy.

I was born in London; raised in the Negev Desert in Israel, and thrust into the driving rains of Glasgow at the age of 10. After descending South of the border to study at Leeds University, I completed the circle in London, where I work, raise my kids and fully embrace the variety of this vibrant city.

My parents’ 'culture shock' rearing methods seem to have worked, and I now truly consider myself ‘international’. I like to think that the colourful backdrop of my childhood has given me the ability to visualise beyond my immediate surroundings, and has allowed me to see things from different perspectives.

I started my career in the Newsroom at Sky, and moved on to work as a researcher and producer on some of the channel’s varied programmes, including celebrity, current affairs and technology shows.

Moving into Sky Movies, I was part of the team that turned the channel’s linear offerings into the cross-platform, multi-channel entertainment giant it still is today.

Finding my feet as a writer and editor, my time at the helm of the Sky Movies website saw me interviewing movie stars and writing regular film reviews, as well as promoting the channel’s on-air offerings.

After 11 years with a large multi-national organisation, I turned my hand to the job of helping a small, family-run business grow and as brand ambassador and website editor for a leading London based Speaker Bureau, I nurtured my passion for writing, by telling the business’s story through their website other marketing collateral.

Now as a freelancer I adore the diversity of the people I meet and I spend my days (and sometimes nights) helping businesses by writing their content and presenting them to the world through the most powerful tool we have – words.